Here are places to buy stuff online:

Searching Tools:
online tools to find parts cheap
Octopart:  cross-vendor search engine for electronic components – good, but requires some sophistication to use it.

A little more expensive, but usually have good pictures and support so you actually know what you’re buying.
: Good range, helpful images and tutorials
adafruit industries : Great tutorials and a good range of parts and DIY electronic kits
RobotShop: good range of parts, micro controllers, sensors  and actuators parts, including muscle wire.

Usually a little harder to find exactly what you want but cheap.
Electronic Goldmine

mouser: A very large range of components and some sensors and actuators. It’s very easy to get lost looking for parts here so it’s best to know exactly what you need before looking. and : General electronics parts retailers

Talk to us if you are curious about getting Bluetooth radio modules, RFID tools, or other hardware.


2 Responses to “Suppliers”

  1. If you need cheap servos (3.99 a pop and under), you can try Buy a whole bunch at once though, since they ship from Hong Kong and shipping might be a bit expensive for small quantities.

  2. Alice Chan Grantham Says:

    If you have time but not money – check out The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk Sign up to receive migratory box of random parts, you can take out what you need, add stuff you don’t need, then pass the box along to the next recipient. Some documentation of inventory & destination should occur but no other real obligation than to keep the box circulating within 7 days of receipt.

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