Aug 25, 27 What’s this class?  What is tangible interaction- assignment 0 – collect two examples of tangible interaction, present, discuss
Sep 1, 3 What is tangible interaction? Stop-motion Animation Vision Videos- assignment 1 – shoot and produce a short stop-motion video to illustrate a ‘what-if’ proposition about tangible interaction.- assignment  2 – design a clock with no buttons.
Sep 8, 10 Plugging in and programming the Arduino; digital i/o (LED, Switches)– assignment 3– wire and program a circuit with two switches and LEDs
Sep 15, 17 Analog input and output– assignment 4 –wire and program a circuit with an analog input (photoresistor) and output (LED on PWM pin)
Sep 22, 24 Controlling external power, transistors, dc motors, SMA wire, etc. assignment 5 (treasure hunt).
Sep 29, Oct 1 motors,IR rangefinder sensor, Servomotor–2 week assignment–distance sensor and servomotor
Oct 6, 8 Mechanical motion (making things move) assignment 6 (form and motion)
Oct 13,15 Mechanical Automaton (assignment: build a physical automaton)
Oct 20, 22 Affairs of State (assignment: a three-state device)
Oct 27, 29 Project proposals (assignment: project proposals)
Nov 3,5 Proposal reviews (assignment: build the hardest part)
Nov 10, 12 Project work week
Nov 17, 19 Project pinups and critiques
Nov 24, X
Dec 1, 3 Demo rehearsals
Dec 9 Demo Day: final review, 4-6 pm

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